Our company offers the services of “Análisis del Sur”, a laboratory exclusively dedicated to the performance of nutritional and mycotoxin analyses in animal food.


Nutritional Analyses

Our vision regarding analyses of this type responds to the knowledge provided by the technicians who form our team. We recommend conducting complete analyses. These allow to have an integral vision of the food, providing in this way, clearer and more effective recommendations for the use of the different products.

Packages of offered analyses

  • FORRAJE (FORAGE), which includes: HUM, PB, ADF, NDF, CEN y pH (silage)
  • CONCENTRADO (CONCENTRATE), which includes: HUM, PB, FC, EE, CEN y pH (silage)
  • MONOGÁSTRICO (MONOGASTRIC), which includes: HUM, PB, EE, CEN, Ca, P
  • SOJA (SOY): HUM, PB, EE, IAU, P. Soluble in KOH.
    Others: Ask (Contact)

Abbreviations: HUM: Humidity; PB: Raw Protein; FC: Raw Fiber; ADF: Detergent Acid Fiber; NDF: Detergent neutral fiber; EE: Ether Extract; CEN: Ash; P: Phosphorus; Ca: Calcium; IAU: Index of Urease activity

Mycotoxin Analyses

Mycotoxins are a sensitive and complex issue. As a way of introduction and overview on the topic, it is relevant to mention an example and include a brief bibliographic review.

What are Mycotoxins?
They are secondary metabolites produced by certain types of fungi. It is essential to understand this because it is the only thing that links one mycotoxin to another. The three main mycotoxins present in the medium are: Aflatoxins, Don (Deoxynivalenol) and Zearalenone. These three mycotoxins have very different effects in the animals that consume them.

  • Aflatoxin: carcinogenic and leaves RESICUO in Milk (M1 Aflatoxins).
  • DON: reduces milk production, immunosuppression.
  • Zearalenone: reproductive problems.

What mycotoxin to analyze?
In this aspect there are two fundamental factors:

  • Food: There are foods more likely than others to have mycotoxin contamination:

Corn: Aflatoxins, Zearalenone
Wheat and barley: DON
Cotton seeds: Aflatoxins

  • Performance:
    When there is an intake or production decrease for no apparent reason.
    When there are reproductive problems in the lot.
    When the silage material did not have adequate moisture.

Example: I have fertility problems in the rodeo, abortion problems analyze Zearalenone.

Where? First in Corn, and then in the other foods of the diet.
Contact us, and we will gladly advise you on how to sample, and what to analyze to help you achieve a better and more efficient production.