Extruded complete food designed for the first weeks in female calves’ lives.



  • Highly palatable, imparting breast milk aroma which increases intake during the first days of feeding.

  • Promotes early rumen development, allowing a natural transition from lactating to ruminant calves in the first few weeks.

  • Accelerates the adaptation of the intestinal mucosa to the new diet and increases the size of the intestinal villi.

  • Creates an unfavorable environment for pathogenic bacteria, lowering the occurrence of diarrhea and reducing treatment expenses.

  • Stimulates healthy flora proliferation, inhibiting pathogenic flora development, resulting in a better digestive flora balance.

  • Strengthens the immune system development and inhibits the growth of other environmental pathogens, such as coccidia.

  • Favors animal wellbeing, reducing stress levels that impinge on the central nervous system.


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